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The Ultimate Guide to Vitiligo Treatment Options

Did you know that more than 70 million people worldwide suffer from vitiligo? While at first glance you might think that this condition only affects the skin, many people who have it also feel extremely self-conscious.

Of course, no one should ever feel self-conscious in their own skin, and that's why vitiligo treatment exists. If you have been looking for the 'best vitiligo treatment near me' then this content is right for you.

There are actually several treatment options for this condition, but what is the best treatment for vitiligo? You could try a vitiligo treatment cream or vitiligo laser treatment, but how can you know which treatment will provide the best results for you?

Keep reading and learn more about the best vitiligo treatment in India and which treatment is best for vitiligo.

Corticosteroid Creams for Vitiligo

The best vitiligo treatment cream is corticosteroid cream and we need to understand that there are no vitiligo natural treatments available. Keep in mind that vitiligo is an inflammatory condition. Specifically, this disease stops melanocytes from functioning as they should. Melanocytes are special cells that produce a dark pigment known as melanin in the body.

Melanin determines your hair and skin colour. If melanocytes start to die off and stop producing melanin, white patches, and white spots on your skin will start to appear. This is due to the lack of melanin in that location. Vitiligo usually starts off small and involves small white patches on the skin, but over the years, those white patches will grow larger and larger.

There are different types of vitiligo, and some may only affect certain parts of the body such as the hands or face. Whatever the case, it is important to try the best vitiligo treatment in the world before your condition gets too severe. Keep in mind that most treatments such as drug treatments can't stop the progression of this disease.

However, if you use certain treatments along with others, there may be a chance that you can bring back some pigment into the discoloured areas of your skin and counter skin to lose melanin. Consider corticosteroid creams, for example. You can use this treatment for lip vitiligo treatment and for treating this condition on the rest of your body.

As mentioned before, vitiligo is an inflammatory condition. Corticosteroids in the form of topical steroids are designed to reduce inflammation. So, it only makes sense that you would use a corticosteroid, the most commonly prescribed vitiligo treatment cream in India in the places where you suffer from vitiligo.

The Details

This kind of treatment is very important in the early stages of vitiligo. Before the condition gets too severe, there will be a better chance of the cream restoring some of the colors in the depigmented area. Keep in mind, however, that you won't see changes overnight and there is no permanent treatment for vitiligo as the condition is autoimmune and one needs to take vitiligo disease treatment on regular basis to stop the progress and worsening of vitiligo.

Instead, this is a treatment that takes a very long time to work. You might not see any noticeable difference in your skin colour for many months. You may also notice some side effects in terms of your skin's appearance.

For example, your skin in the treated area might start to get thinner than usual and it may display light streaks or marks.

If your vitiligo is progressing very fast, this may not be the best treatment for vitiligo for you. Instead, you may want to choose another vitiligo treatment in India such as laser treatment.

Laser Treatment for Vitiligo

If you want the latest treatment for vitiligo, laser Vitiligo advanced treatment might be the answer. But how much does laser treatment for vitiligo cost exactly? What does laser treatment do?

Usually, laser therapy for vitiligo involves the use of phototherapy. However, laser therapy alone may not be enough to treat or slow the progression of vitiligo. To improve the results, many doctors recommend that you use laser treatment along with drug or cream treatment.

Again, keep in mind that laser treatment can take quite a long time before you start to notice any results. However, it does tend to produce faster results compared to corticosteroid creams alone. Also, keep in mind that the cost for this kind of vitiligo skin treatment can vary depending on your location.

For example, the vitiligo laser treatment cost in India starts from Rs.2000. If you are looking to try a very specific kind of vitiligo treatment in Delhi, you may want to try the excimer 308nm laser, also known as the Exciplex laser. It is a very unique type of laser treatment that uses ultraviolet B radiation.

While excimer laser may sound new to you, it is actually quite safe, most advanced, and very effective for the skin without causing any skin damage. Studies have found that not only is it helpful for treating vitiligo but it may also be able to treat other stubborn skin conditions as well, such as psoriasis or certain types of dermatitis. But how does this type of treatment work?

What You Need to Know

As it turns out, studies have found that the use of ultraviolet B radiation on skin affected by vitiligo can actually slow the progression of the disease significantly. In some cases, this laser may even be able to stop the progression of active vitiligo completely. Keep in mind that you may need to try several treatments to get the results you're looking for.

Most people need to get this treatment around three times a week or so and dermatologists may recommend continuing for up to 24 weeks. After a few months, you should notice that your vitiligo does not seem to be spreading anymore or that it is only spreading very slowly. As mentioned before, laser treatment works best when it is combined with other treatments such as vitamin B12, narrow band UVB, beta carotene, vitiligo treatment tablets, or a healthy diet vitiligo treatment.

Whatever the case, the excimer 308nm laser seems to be one of the most effective treatment options for lip tip vitiligo treatment and all other types of vitiligo to date. While it can get rid of your existing pigmentation issues, it can also stop the disease from spreading and getting worse. If you catch the disease early, this can be very beneficial as you won't have to deal with large pigmentation problems, to begin with.

There are only a few minor side effects associated with the ultraviolet B radiation laser. For example, you may experience some irritation in the treated area such as itching or redness. Even so, these side effects go away on their own after a day or so and they are not dangerous.

The severity of depigmentation is calculated based on vitiligo area scoring index which measures the percentage of body surface area involved with depigmentation.

Other Treatment Options for Vitiligo

Another important line of Vitiligo treatment in allopathy for vitiligo involves oral medications. Usually, your doctor will prescribe corticosteroid medication for certain types of vitiligo. For example, if your disease is getting worse very fast, oral corticosteroids will work much better than topical corticosteroids.

This is because the pills will be able to dissolve into your body right away while it will take time for corticosteroid cream to soak through your skin. There are also certain medications, both oral and topical, that directly affect your immune system. These medications tend to be better at treating vitiligo in certain locations such as the face or neck. Dr.Shruti Gupta is a renowned vitiligo laser treatment dermatologist who has treated thousands of vitiligo patients successfully with the help of exciplex excimer308nm laser.

Another treatment option for vitiligo is surgery. Most doctors try to avoid the option of surgery because it is so invasive. This is usually an option for those who no longer have active vitiligo but instead stable vitiligo. Surgical therapy is also indicated in segmental vitiligo treatment.

For example, skin grafting is a common form of surgery used to treat vitiligo. It involves removing the areas of skin that have pigmentation problems and then replacing them with pieces of healthy skin from your own body. However, this treatment is often limited to those who only have a few small patches of vitiligo.

More Treatments

If you have large patches of depigmentation, the surgery would require too much healthy skin from you and the results would not be ideal. This is not to mention that there are many side effects associated with this treatment option. After the surgery, you may suffer from infection, swelling, and sometimes even further discoloration.

There is also the risk of scarring. Those with naturally darker skin tones tend to develop scars more easily compared to those with lighter skin tones. More than that, the scars themselves tend to be worse in appearance.

There are also some vitiligo new treatment options that are still being experimented with and may be available in the future. For example, one day, there may be a drug that targets and stimulates the melanocytes themselves. By doing this, a person with vitiligo may be able to continue to grow new melanocytes.

This will make it far easier for the skin to continue producing its own pigment.

What You Need to Know About Vitiligo Treatment

There are many vitiligo treatment options available, and some may work better than others for your individual type of vitiligo. For example, there are topical creams that you can use as well as oral medications. There are also laser treatments such as the excimer 308nm laser which can be especially effective at not only slowing the progression of the disease but stopping it as well.

If you're interested in getting treated by the best doctor for vitiligo treatment in India, book an appointment here.

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