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Medi Facial Treatment Cost in Delhi

Undergoing facial at salons is a very common practice among Indian households. People undergo facials with the purpose of rejuvenating their skin, making it more glowing, and at the same time enjoying a soothing relaxing facial massage.
But are these salon facials causing more harm than good? Turns out, they are!
So what do you do to achieve long lasting glow? Medi facial to the rescue!

What is medi facial?

Medi facial is a facial, done under the expert guidance of a dermatologist, using medically tested products which are beneficial for the skin on long term basis.
Unlike facials done in salons, which are based on using chemical bleach, medi facials incorporate the use of essential vitamins, antioxidants, moisturising and hydrating agents. These ingredients provide an instant brightening effect as well as anti- ageing benefits in the long run, with no side effects.

How does medi facial work?

Our skin forms a protective barrier for our body. Being the frontline soldier, it has to bear the entire brunt of environmental pollution, harsh UV rays and stress on an everyday basis. This causes a lot of damage to our precious skin cells in the form of oxidative damage, wear and tear, dehydration and pigmentation.
Medi-facial helps the skin to heal!
The medicated massage creams, growth factor enriched serums, products with vitamins, anti-oxidants, nourish the skin from within, repair the oxidative damage, and deeply hydrate the skin, giving you a smooth, clear and radiant skin.

What are the benefits of medi facial?

Medi facial is just not a facial, it is a process that improves the appearance of the skin by bringing about positive changes at cellular level.
Following are the benefits of a medi facial:

  1. Improvement in skin texture
  2. Better skin hydration and suppleness
  3. Shrinking of dilated pores
  4. Fading of skin blemishes
  5. Improvement in fine lines and wrinkles
  6. A healthy glow
  7. Improvement in skin irregularities
  8. Improvement in mild scars
  9. Enhanced blood circulation

Who is a good candidate for this procedure?

Everyone! Medi facial can be done for any skin type, even those with a sensitive skin. So who would like to miss a good relaxation therapy which is also nourishing and healing their skin at the same time!

How is the procedure done?

Medi facial basically involves 5 steps -

  1. Cleansing
  2. Exfoliation by microdermabrasion
  3. Massage
  4. Chemical peel application
  5. Mask application

The products to be used during each step are carefully chosen after thorough assessment of your skin and its needs by the dermatologist. Each step takes you a step closer to achieving that flawless smooth, clear and radiant skin.

How much time does the procedure takes?

The duration of the treatment is 60-90 minutes

What can I expect during my recovery period?

You can immediately return to your daily activities after a medi facial. There is absolutely no down time. However, it is advisable to hydrate your skin by frequent usage of a good moisturising cream prescribed by the dermatologist, and also sun protection by applying a broad spectrum non-comedogenic sunscreen regularly.

What changes can I see after a medi facial?

I bet you will fall in love with your skin after a medi facial! Immediately after the procedure, your skin feels smoother, softer, hydrated, and radiant. With subsequent sessions, your skin starts to become more clear with fading of the blemishes, evening of skin tone and improvement in fine lines and wrinkles.

How long does the effects of a medi facial last?

The instant effects of a medi facial can last for 10-15 days, however, with multiple sessions you can get results lasting for up to few months. Additionally, a good home care regimen boosts and prolongs the results.

How many sessions are required for the best results?

Depending on your skin condition, you may require a series of 6-8 sessions to see longer lasting results.

How frequently are the sessions done?

It is recommended to go for a medi facial once a month.

What are the side effects?

Absolutely none! Medi facial is safe even for sensitive skin types, so you do not have to worry about a red and swollen face.

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