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Insta Glow Peel Pre Party Facial Treatment, Benefits and Cost in Delhi

Who doesn’t want beautiful, glowing skin for the party season? Medicated facial is the best way to achieve that goal! You can have a perfect skin that is smooth, clear and radiant in just 60 minutes with our customised facials.

What are the various options available?

Depending on the skin condition and skin type, one may go for one of the following facials:

  1. Medi facial
  2. Photofacial
  3. Carbon Facial
  4. Hydra Facial

How do decide which facial to opt for?

Our dermatologist will help you in that!
During the consultation, the doctor will take a detailed history, do a thorough examination of your skin, and suggest you the facial that will suit you the best.

If your skin is normal type, a medi facial with mango peel or a photofacial will give you the best results.
If the skin is oily, a carbon facial is highly recommended as carbon paste used during the treatment strongly binds with the sebum present in the deepest of pores and helps in making the skin look fresh and bright instantly. A Hydrafacial or a Photofacial will be great for those with dry skin.

How long does the procedure take?

Any of the facials can take upto 60 - 90 minutes.

How many days in advance should I take the facial?

It is advisable that you get the procedure done 1-2 days prior to your important events.

Any risks?

Absolutely not!
All the procedures are done under the expert guidance of the dermatologist by experienced therapists. You need not be worried about any side effects.

Get Insta Glowing skin with Glow Peel Pre Party Facial Treatment in delhi By SKINOS Clinic

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