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Laser Cap for Hair Growth in Delhi

Laser cap is a device that is used to deliver low-level laser treatment (LLLT) to the scalp to promote hair growth. These devices use diode lasers, LEDs, or a combination of both as the source of light.
LLLT uses light technology to stimulate hair follicle cells resulting in improved hair thickness and growth.
LLLT has been increasingly used as an adjuvant treatment for androgenetic alopecia.

How does it work?

LLLT utilises non-thermal effects of low-intensity light to alter biological activity in cells, termed photobiomodulation or photobiostimulation. Its beneficial therapeutic effects have been shown in a wide range of medical conditions, including wound healing, nerve regeneration, pain reduction, and hair loss.
LLLT appears to stimulate the conversion of hair from their falling (telogen) phase to the growing (anagen) phase, and also prolongs the duration of anagen phase.
The modulation of hair cycle leads to an increase of hair density and diameter as well as a decrease of hair shedding, resulting in clinical improvement of hair loss conditions.

What are the benefits of laser cap?

There are a number of reasons that encourage the use of laser cap:

  1. It’s noninvasive
  2. It’s painless
  3. There are no side effects
  4. It increases hair strength

Who is a suitable candidate for this treatment?

People suffering from hair thinning, reduced hair density, or hair loss, can opt for LLLT.

How is the procedure performed?

It is a non-invasive and absolutely painless procedure.You will be made to sit in reclining chair.
Laser cap will be applied over your head. You wear it like a helmet. The provider will set the energy be delivered and the duration, and then switch on the device.
That’s it! Just sit and relax.
You might feel little warmth which further relaxes your mind, and the procedure ends before you realise!

What is the procedure schedule?

The laser cap should be used for around 15 - 20 minutes during each session.
The sessions are done twice weekly for a minimum period of 3 - 6 months

When can I expect the results?

You can expect an improvement in your hair fall, hair thickness and hair volume after 6-8 weeks of treatment
The results can be enhanced by combining LLLT with other treatment modalities like PRP treatment and scalp microneedling.

What are the drawbacks of this treatment?

None! Using a laser cap is an extremely safe, painless, and effective treatment option for improving your hair condition.

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