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Medical Director

Best Dermatologist in Delhi

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Best Dermatologist in Delhi- Dr.Shruti Gupta

Dr.Shruti Gupta is a kind and down to earth personality renowned for giving consistent 100% satisfactory results to all her clients. She, the Dermatologist in Delhi always takes the doctor patient relationship to the next level through her unique way of bonding not only as a doctor but also as a friend.

SKINOS is located at the educational hub of Delhi, Kamla Nagar near Delhi University North Campus. A Place where every dream comes true!

This Luxurious 5 Star Clinic is guided by Dr.Shruti Gupta, MD,FAAD (USA). She is regarded as the Top 10 Dermatologist in Delhi who specialises in Cosmetology and Clinical Dermatology.

Dr.Shruti Gupta is for sure the Best Dermatologist in Delhi for the love she helps everyone discover for themselves. Skinos is an emotion which all our clients live and start a beautiful journey called life!

Dr. Shruti Gupta, Medical Director at SKINOS, is the Skin Dermatologist in Delhi, India. Her immense knowledge and great depth of understanding the subject has made her stand out among the peers and experts. She believes in evidence based ethical practice and with her you can be fully assured of right and accurate management completely as per American Academy of Dermatology guidelines

Currently, at SKINOS, Dr. Shruti Gupta practices both clinical and cosmetic dermatology, and treats skin conditions, nail and hair diseases in men, women and children.

Dr. Shruti Gupta not only takes utmost care of you at the first consultation and each follow up but she will remain with you as your personal Dermatologist and Cosmetologist available 24X7. Her simplicity, compassionate nature and easy approachability have what gained her thousands of patients cum friends not only in Delhi but across India!

She Specialises in Anti Ageing, Laser Hair Removal and all types of Laser treatments for different Skin problems, Pigmentation, Hair Loss treatments and Hair Transplant Surgery.


  • Anti Ageing - Trying to find the Best Dermatologist Near Me for the perfect anti ageing advise, Dr. Shruti Gupta, best dermatologist in delhi for skin is the solution for you. Her in-depth knowledge about the subject and keen interest in aesthetics and perfection has motivated her to excel in Muscle Relaxant and Dermal Filler treatments. She is among the Best Dermatologist in Delhi for the anti ageing injectables.

  • Laser Treatments - When it comes to laser Hair Removal or any laser treatment, one has to understand that the result of laser treatments is not only dependent on the type of laser machines used but mostly depends on setting the right laser parameters. Dr. Shruti Gupta with her immense knowledge of laser, is the only Laser Specialist in Delhi to give 100% consistent results to all her clients. We are sure now that you have found your Top Dermatologist in Delhi!

  • • Dr. Shruti has been performing high number of Hair Transplantation since 6 years at her Clinic. In Hair Transplant procedure hair is extracted from the donor area of the recipient and transplanted back on to the recipient site. If you are searching for the right Dermatologist near me, Dr. Shruti Gupta is the one to your rescue who is not only transplanting hair but also happiness in one's life.

  • • Skin treatments - Acne, Acne Marks and Acne Scars are the most common anxious conditions which make the patients look for the best dermatologist near me most of the time. Treatment of acne relies on the right diagnosis and treatment. Make sure when you are looking for dermatologist near me, Dr.Shruti is an acne specialist who is the most trusted Dermatologist in Delhi, India.

  • Hair Loss treatment - Hair adds to everyones personality and losing hair can be very devastating as its like losing ones crown and glory! We all would have experienced that on seeing even a single extra hair strand falling out from head, the instant reaction is to google the Best Dermatologist in Delhi near me! Let understand that there are different causes which leads to hair loss in both males and s. Obtaining hair regrowth is solely dependent on its thorough diagnosis and accurate management.

  • • Welcome Ladies! Is the Pigmentation that you have developed on your face during pregnancy making you anxious and making you search for the Best Dermatologist near me? Your solution is found at SKINOS.

The most common pigmentary conditions with which patients coming to our clinic is Melasma. It is butterfly shaped pigmentation on the face involving both cheeks prominences and bridge of the nose. Treating melasma can be very challenging and the best result is achieved with the combination of treatments.

Please note that the treatment of every clinical condition is depending upon its root cause and thats why each client is examined throughly and assessed during dermatology consultation at the clinic.

Dr.Shruti Gupta, makes you comfortable at you consultation where you can ask all your questions freely in a friendly environment. She then after explaining the condition in detail formulates the customised treatment plan which is suitable for your medical condition to give the best result.


To keep herself updated with the latest advancements in the field of aesthetic medicine, Dr. Shruti attends various conferences and workshops worldwide.

To keep herself updated with the latest advancements in the field of aesthetic medicine, Dr. Shruti attends various conferences and workshops worldwide.


Dr. Shruti Gupta has gained wide experience working with some of the highly reputed and well respected medical centres across India. To name a few are:

Victoria Hospital, Bangalore

Bowring and Lady Curzon Hospital, Bangalore

Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health, Bangalore

Apollo Clinic, Bangalore

Max Super Speciality Hospital, Dehradun


Dr. Shruti Gupta is a member of the following professional societies:

Fellow of American Academy of Dermatology, USA

Indian Association Of Dermatology, Venereology And Leprosy

International Society of Dermatology

Bangalore Dermatological Society

Indian Medical Association


Dr. Shruti Gupta is also the Founder & CEO of DISHAM, Delhi Institute of Skin Hair & Aesthetic Medicine. At DISHAM , She forms form the backbone of the best Skin, Hair and Aesthetic Medicine training institute in India and takes pride in teaching fellow doctors, dermatologists and plastic surgeons giving them the confidence to ace in the field of highly demanding Aesthetic Medicine.

Awards & Achievements
  1. Best Letter published in IJDVL 2017 (Dermacon, Kochi, 2018)
  2. First Rank in All India Dermatosurgery Quiz (ACSICON, Bangalore, 2013)
  3. Second Rank in State Level Dermatology Quiz (Cuticon, 2013)

Research & Publication

Dr. Shruti Gupta holds special interest in research and development. She is a regular presenter of research papers and posters at various national and international conferences.

Her paper on PRP Therapy to treat hair loss in male pattern baldness, androgenetic alopecia was published in the Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology, and Leprosy, IJDVL. Dr.Shruti Gupta was awarded for the best presentation by IADVL in the year 2015.

All treatments of skin hair and nails are as per the American board of dermatology guidelines at Skinos Hair and Skin Clinic. One should always consult a dermatologist, a medical doctor who specializes in treating all types of skin diseases. A Dermatologist undergoes 9-12 years of medical school training to be licensed as a dermatologist as per the medical council of India.

Top medical colleges in India are;

  • • Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute
  • • All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi
  • • Post Graduate Institute, Chandigarh

A Dermatologist also diagnoses skin cancer treat more than 3,000 medical conditions related to hair, skin, and nail. Dermatologists perform various aesthetic procedures such as skin tightening, wrinkles treatment, dermal fillers, face lifting, chemical peeling, medi facials, and micro-needling.


Who is a Dermatologist Doctor in Delhi?

A dermatologist is a skin doctor who at their dermatology clinic provides hair treatment and skin care treatments. They are medical professionals to treat all kinds of skin disorder. After qualifying for MBBS they undergo 5.5 years of medical school training and then pursue 3 years post-graduation in dermatology.

Dr.Shruti Gupta has post-graduated from Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute which stands among the top 10 government medical college and hospitals in India for Dermatology. She has experience of about 15 years including her medical school training and has worked with the finest hospitals in India, Apollo Clinic and Max Hospital. Max hospital Saket is the head branch of the max healthcare group of hospitals.

What are the specializations of a Dermatologist?

  • • Dermatosurgery
  • • Cosmetology
  • • Trichology
  • • Dermato Pathology
  • • Immuno Dermatology
  • • Pediatric Dermatology

When do I consult a Dermatologist delhi?

It is always advisable that you consult a qualified dermatologist if you are facing health issues related to skin, hair, nail, and aesthetic dermatology. One may consider dermatologist consultation for

  • • Acne
  • • Hair Loss
  • • Dandruff
  • • Psoriasis
  • • Eczema
  • • Melasma
  • • Dark Lips
  • • Acne scars
  • • Acne Marks
  • • Stretch Marks
  • • Hair Reduction
  • • Skin Infections
  • • Fungal Infection
  • • Alopecia Areata
  • • Wrinkles Treatment
  • • Facial Pigmentation
  • • Allergic Infections
  • • Advanced treatments
  • • Under Eye Dark Circles
  • • Anti-aging treatment
  • • Hair Transplant Surgery

What qualifications are needed to be a Dermatologist in delhi?

As per the national medical council and medical council of India, one must possess MBBS and MD/DNB/DVD/DVD from MCI recognized medical college. Your health is of prime importance and we encourage you that you should always check if your skin specialist is qualified to give the right medical advice.

What are the treatments Dermatologist perform?

A dermatologist performs and offers services related to hair care, skin care, cosmetic procedures and dermato surgical procedures. The various treatments a dermatologist provide at their clinic are:

  • • Muscle Relaxant
  • • Dermal Fillers
  • • Thread Lift
  • • PRP Therapy
  • • Scalp Peeling
  • • Chemical Peeling
  • • Intra Lesional Steroid
  • • Microdermabrasion
  • • Microneedling
  • • Laser Resurfacing
  • • Laser Hair Removal
  • • Laser Tattoo Removal
  • • Laser Acne Scar Removal
  • • Laser Stretch Marks Removal
  • • FUE & FUT Hair Transplant Surgery

What Our Patients Say

Nothing gives us more pleasure than the happiness and gratitude expressed by our clients at the end of their treatment!