Skinos Editorial Policy

Setting an editorial policy for blogs helps us ensure the accuracy of the content, its utility, audience inclusivity, and objectivity across all content.

Our contents undergo a rigorous peer review process by editorial board members to maintain high-quality editorial standards and editorial integrity. Once the articles have received ethical approval from reviewers and editors, the authors' institution is made available for public media to be openly accessed from the reference list.

We take utmost care in keeping the information on the website, blogs, and articles professional, relevant, right, and easy to understand by our readers and audience.

Prioritizing Indian Readers: Our blog content is designed to answer common reader questions and dispel doubts. Our articles help readers understand the benefits and side effects of different treatment options available to the audience in India so that they can make informed decisions about their skin, hair, and general health if one is trying to shed weight.

Accuracy & Content Reliability: Our experts research and collect data from reliable sources to provide accurate information and create awareness through our blogs. We place a high value on factual accuracy, and all our articles go through a rigorous review process by our medical review board and expert panel. Besides that, our qualified dermatologists, certified nutritionists, and professional fitness trainers add tips and advice in our articles based on their knowledge, experience, and insights to recommend treatment options that are backed by evidence.

Inclusivity & Content Sensitivity: Our contents focus on conditions related to hair and skin and their treatment options, along with fat loss, nutrition, exercise, and weight loss-related topics. Our blogs only include information relevant to the audience in India and the domestic market so that they can make an informed decision about opting for any treatments.

Skinos never supports any form of body shame, and we wish all of our readers to have healthy hair and skin, and body irrespective of their caste, creed, race, religion, body shape, sex, and biological age.

Disclaimer for Editorial Policy and Integrity

Our blogs should not be considered professional advice, and readers should consult a qualified dermatologist, certified nutritionist, or professional fitness instructor before changing their hair and skin care regimen, dietary habits, or exercise routine. The prices mentioned on our blog are subject to change and are only meant to give an idea of general market trends.

Treatment or Medical Product Recommendations & Listings:

Our blogs may discuss various weight loss and dermatology treatments available in India. However, we only recommend scientifically-backed skin and hair treatments that are proven safe and effective for Indians. We also encourage for healthy weight loss and reducing harmful body fat for long-term health, hair, and skin benefit. Skinos never promotes any brands, and all our products are recommended by qualified dermatologists.

We have blogs discussing various medical solutions for weight loss, including home remedies, OTC drugs, crash diets, salon services, weight loss pills, massages, and slimming belts., However, our experts recommend exercising caution when experimenting with them because their findings are subjective, and the chance of complications is high.

Each client is unique, and so are their clinical conditions. They need a unique approach to consultation and form a customized treatment plan to meet its goals and clinical end result.

Cite The Original Work Copyright Disclaimer:

Skinos doesn't permit any party to publish articles on behalf of it without any written consent. None of our authors are responsible for any articles published on other channels other than Skinos for any accuracy of information.

We are also not responsible for any previously published articles removed or retracted articles from our sources from time to time as it may be required to keep the information updated with the latest innovations and advancements from time to time. All Submission of manuscripts is original works, and the submitted manuscript rights remain with the author, editor, and copyright holder.

Clients Feedback:

Skinos is approachable and open to listening, and we welcome any suggestions from all our loving clients for improving our blog content on the website. Please mail us your suggestions at [email protected] to share your valuable feedback.

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