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Q-Switched NdYAG Laser, TriBeam Premium

LASER means Light Amplification By Stimulated Emission Of Radiation. The laser works with high-intensity laser energy in the treatment area which is used for laser tattoo removal and also offers treatment options for vascular lesions, Melasma, and Pigmented lesions. It treats all types of tattoo colors on all types of skin types and skin tones.

NdYag Fractional Laser addresses numerous skin issues. Skin lightening and Laser toning with Q-Switched Laser treatment is most commonly performed laser services at skin clinics.

Tri-Beam Pigment Removal Q Switched Laser

  1. It is convenient, fast, USA FDA Approved, safe, and effective
  2. 2 sequential pulses of laser for maximum efficiency and results
  3. Indicated for all types of pigmentation treatment in all skin types
  4. Minimizes risk of Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation

One system for all types of pigmentation treatment

  1. It comes with 20 HZ and operates at 1.6 J pulse
  2. It is Fast at operation and has high efficacy
  3. Best in Class, Higher power with GN mode technology – 3.5 Joules

TRI-Beam Premium is the best NdYAG Q Switch laser available where you can target all skin pigmentation concerns all at once. Treating tattoos with multiple colors can be treated all at once and you no longer need multiple laser machines. The treatment is cost-effective and patient satisfaction is very high with the use of TriBeam fractional technology.

Backed by Research and Innovation

TRIBEAM's Rich-PTP™ (Photo-acoustic Toning Pulse) is patented and technology is USA FDA Approved. The PTP mode has variable spot sizes from 2mm to 10 mm but the sequential shots help deliver greater energy for maximum results.

PTP mode increases the thermal relaxation time between the pulses and helps in targeting the melanosomes with greater efficacy with any alteration to the surrounding skin. TriBeam Premium is the answer when it comes to treating Melasma, Pigmentation, or any type of Tattoo.

Most Customizable and Versatile

Quasi-Long Pulse with Pulse width 300 μs, utilizing the 1064 nm wavelength for reaching a greater depth of penetration. Gen Technique™ works on the principle of selective photothermolysis.

Through its spelling effect, it provides collagen remodeling and skin firming.

Fractional Mode helps you provide the treatment with confidence

Fractional Mode delivers a high peak energy pulse while sparing much of the epidermis. Fractional Mode treats only column of skin leaving in between healthy skin which helps in faster recovery without causing overheating of the surrounding tissue and thus enables dermatologists to treat various pigmentary conditions such as;

Café au lait(brown colored patches spots anywhere on the body), Nevus of Ota (bluish to greyish hyperpigmented birthmark patch present on the one or both sides of the face), and Solar Lentigines (brown colored patches in the sun-exposed area of the body most commonly seen in people with high sun exposure).

TriBeam's patented fractional handpiece is best suited for treating melasma. It has multiple handpieces with different wavelengths and pulse with and power. They can be altered for the best results by dermatologists.

In it is understood that even the modest variation in fluence can lead to complications but with TriBeam fractional handpiece which passes a sequential laser beam to the target chromophore and removes the pigment without causing excess heat accumulation and side effects.

Technical Specifications

TRI-BEAM comes with wavelengths of 1064 and 532 nm Laser

It is Nd:YAG (Q-Switched) type of pigmentation treatment laser machine

The Operating Parameters with Tri-Beam is

  1. It comes with both Q-Switched and Quasi-Long Pulse
  2. Aiming Beam Diode Laser has a wavelength of 655 nm
  3. The number of shots which can be fired vary from 1 to 20 Hz per second
  4. Electrical Requirements for operating the laser machine is with 220 V power which is Single Phasic and of 50/60 Hz, It requires 20 Amps at 220 V Alternating Current.

Handpiece Energy Output

The Tri-Beam Q Switched laser utilizes Rich-PTP (Photoacoustic Toning Pulse) technology by shattering the targeted chromophore and enhancing the photoacoustic effect, resulting in effective pigment removal.

Studies have shown that this treatment meets patients’ pigment removal requirements such as having high peak power and short pulse duration.

Fractional Handpiece For High Treatment Efficiency

  1. Deep laser penetration delivers efficient results
  2. Does not damage the skin during high fluence treatment
  3. Minimize PIH, hypopigmentation and side effects
  4. 81 dots available in 5X5 mm spot sizes.

Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser

PTP Mode with a wavelength of 1064 nm and energy of 1.6 Joules

Top Hat Mode with 1064 nm wavelength and 1.2 Joules energy / also 532 nm and 450nm wavelength

In the Gaussian Mode, the most used wavelength is 1064 nm wavelength and 1.5 Joules energy

The Quasi-Long Pulse Mode

In the Gaussian Mode, its has 1064 nm wavelength and 3.5 Joules energy

NdYAG Pulse Width Duration

NdYAG Q-Switched pulse width of 5 ns – 10ns duration

NdYAG Quasi-Long Pulse width of 300 μs duration

How It Removes Skin Pigmentation: Quasi-Long Pulse - Gen Technique

This technique helps in the removal of deep skin pigmentations without causing any side effects as it's based on the most advanced laser technology

The Quasi-Long Pulse 1,064 nm Gen Technique uses both thermal lifting and toning and is based on selective photothermolysis. It is effective in treating both open pores and skin pigmentations along with laser toning.

During the process of treatment, it targets the chromophore which is the pigment particles and breaks them into small fine granules. The immediate phenomenon seen is the pigment turns into white or grey spots.

The treated area becomes darker and later gets replaced with new healthy skin, giving you evenly toned radiant skin.

Auto Adjustable and Customised Spot Sizes

The Zoom Handpiece has both1064 nm wavelength and spot sizes varying from 2 mm ~ 10 mm and 532 nm wavelength with spot sizes varying form from 2 mm ~ 10 mm

The Collimate Handpiece comes with spot size 7 mm

Fractional Handpiece spot size 5 mm into 5 mm which comes with 81 spots

TRI-BEAM Dimensions and its Weight

The weight of the Tri beam laser machine is 242 lb. / 110 Kg.

The dimensions of the Q Switch laser machine are 37.5 in. (H) x 17.3 in. (L) x 37.4 in. (B)

TRI-BEAM Handpieces

There are different types of handpieces that are effectively used for different skin conditions.

Coloured Tattoo (Red, Blue, Green) - 585 nm Dye HP

Coloured Tattoo (Red, Blue, Green) - 650 nm Dye HP

Carbon Facial ( Black Ink) - 1064 nm Fractional HP

Tattoo Removal - 532 nm Fractional HP

Carbon Facial - Collimation HP

Tattoo Removal - Zoom HP


The Skin Specialist can treat numerous skin conditions which are bothersome to patients in their daily life.

Q-Switch Laser Uses are as follows;

Treatment of Melasma, epidermal and dermal pigmentation

Non-ablative skin rejuvenation and Laser toning

Treatment of Acne and pores

Treatment of fine lines and wrinkles

Treatment of Dark lips

Remove unwanted Brown Spots from Sun

Treatment of Dark Undereye Circles

Age Spots, Acne Scars, and Acne Marks

Rich PTP toning

Enlarged Open Pores & Remove dead skin cells

Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Resurfacing and Skin Damage & Dullness Repair

Brown Spots, Sun Freckles, or remove tattoos from your skin

Really works very well on Tanning, Marks

Birthmarks such as Nevus of Ota

Tattoos removal of all types of colors

How is our Tri-Beam different from other laser treatments we offer?

The Tri-Beamis used to treat pigmentation on the skin. It is effective, safe, and best suited for all types of Indian skin. Skinos provides The Best NdYAG QSwitched Laser Treatment in Delhi.

Q Switch laser price depends on the type of concern being treated and the technology used. Q Switch laser treatment cost varies from Rs.4000 - Rs.8000 per session depending on the indications. Other treatments we offer at Skinos are;

CO2 laser that improves skin texture, all types of scars, and other skin aging conditions. CO2 Laser settings can be adjusted to provide either a deep skin collagen renewal or a less invasive treatment for dermal collagen remodeling with little downtime for fine lines and wrinkles. This is best for patients with lighter skin types and severe types of scars.

IPL also addresses pigments that are vascular and can be used to treat active inflamed acne and rosacea. IPL requires multiple treatments of around 4-6 sessions and has no downtime. During your dermatologist consultation, we discuss in detail how we can help you accomplish your skin improvement and treatment goals.

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