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Looking good and feeling great never goes out of fashion! Cosmetology is a branch of medicine which deals with beauty treatments. It is also known as aesthetic medicine. The Aesthetic physician is a doctor who consults for facial assessment and helps with the right required skin care services.

If aesthetic medicine is an art, then Dr.Shruti Gupta MD, FAAD (USA), is an artist. One needs to have an artistic eye to appreciate the beauty in people and utilize their knowledge of aesthetic medicine to enhance one's appearance and help maintain or restore facial features.

It is essential to understand that consulting a licensed cosmetologist is very important before beginning your aesthetic journey. Dr.Shruti Gupta MD, FAAD (USA), is the Best Cosmetologist in Delhi NCR who has turned more than 15,000 dreams into reality!

After post graduating from a cosmetology school of medicine, a cosmetologist gets cosmetology licenses to practice aesthetic medicine. A cosmetology program is a fellowship training that a dermatologist takes after their MD in dermatology. Along with practicing cosmetology, they also diagnose and treat hair, skin, and nail disorders.

If you have been looking for the best cosmetologist near me, then Dr.Shruti Gupta MD, FAAD (USA), is the one on your list of favorites. Planning an aesthetic journey requires a depth analysis of your skin tone, texture, any signs of pigmentation or ageing, and their medical treatment.

At your visit, after analysis of your face, you will be recommended one or more of the following cosmetic procedures, which are most likely to bring improvements in your facial skin.

• Chemical Peeling

It is a medicated substance that is used mainly in the form of lotion or gels. There are different chemical peels based on the depth of penetration on the skin and the indications for which they are being used. A chemical peel is used to treat skin conditions such as acne scars, acne treatment, pigmentation, open pores, fine lines, and wrinkles and improve tone and texture. Make sure you always consult a professional cosmetologist for your chemical peeling to avoid any side effects.

• Laser Hair Removal

Rising cases of PCOD and PCOS have caused an increase in the number of female clients facing facial hair growth problems. Laser hair removal helps them eliminate unwanted hair from their upper lips, cheeks, and chin area.

Who doesn't like the chiseled face of poster boy and sports icon Virat Kohli for his bearded look? And that has set the trend of men looking to have a well-defined beard line. All thanks to laser hair reduction, which can help us achieve that permanently in just a few sessions. It is fastly gaining popularity in both the beauty industry and cosmetology industry as the demand for laser hair removal has increased than ever before.

• Laser Tattoo Removal

Today with the advancement of laser technology, it is possible to permanently remove your tattoos and regrets. Even professional tattoos done by makeup artists can be removed by laser without any scar.

• Laser Treatments

Laser treatments like skin resurfacing, acne scars, stretch marks, surgical scars are all available at our state-of-the-art Clinic. We offer laser treatments wherever indicated for all types of skin issues. All laser treatments offered at Skinos are with USA FDA Approved technology.

• Medi Hair Spa

It is time for all the damage done to your hair by make-up and hair stylists to be revived with our exclusive medi hair spa. Hair straightening, Hair smoothening, Rebonding can damage your hair permanently, making them rough, dry, and damaged hair. Medi hair spa with Hydrafacial MD Elite can help restore lost shine to your crowning glory.

• PRP Therapy

PRP is a hair loss treatment for hair thinning and hair fall. One must always consult a qualified dermatologist at a hair clinic for treatment. Before opting for PRP, it is necessary that the type of hair loss is diagnosed and the proper treatment is started as PRP is not indicated in all kinds of hair loss, and hence it is vital to consult a skin specialist who is a registered practitioner.

• Hydrafacial MD Elite

One can only dream of having the best skin of your life in just 30 minutes! Yes! That's absolutely possible with celebrities' favorite facials around the world, which gives instant hydration, even texture, and radiance to the skin, preparing you for every occasion. Hydrafacial MD Elite is exclusively available at SKINOS, the best cosmetology clinic in Delhi, India. It is best indicated for dry, dull, and dehydrated sensitive skin.

• Laser Carbon Facial - Nd:YAG Q-Switched Laser

Also popularly known as Hollywood facial, laser carbon peeling is best for open pores, oily skin, and skin with fine lines and wrinkles with blotchy pigmentation. This is a laser-based facial where the carbon particles help remove dead skin, cleanse the open pores and increase collagen within the skin.

• Laser Photo Facial - IPL

This is laser-based, where intense pulse light helps in reducing the redness on the face and thread veins around the nose and cheeks. Anyone with dry, sensitive and rosacea are the best candidates for photo facials. Photo facial gives instant calmness to the face.

• Vampire Facial - Face PRP

In recent times it has gained immense popularity, all thanks to the Hollywood actress Kim Kardashian! This minimally invasive procedure in which PRP prepared from own blood sample is injected on the face. This is best for individuals facing fine lines and wrinkles issues on the face. Due to its collagen remodeling and neocollagenesis, it helps in making the skin firmer and adds glow due to the increased supply of nutrients and growth factors.

• Wrinkles Treatment

We all want to eliminate those fine lines of wrinkles on our forehead and around the eyes. Muscle relaxant helps in relaxation of the muscles and thereby causing improvements. Botulinum toxin is an anti-aging aesthetic medicine procedure commonly performed at cosmetology clinics.

• Dermal Fillers - Lip Filler, Under Eye Filler, Cheek, and Chin Filler

Dermal fillers are the hyaluronic acid component that helps restore the lost fat and volume on our faces. Hyaluronic acid fillers give a youthful appearance, and hence it is one of the most popular choices of aesthetic treatment among our clients.

Today the demand for aesthetics is so high that there is a shortage of aestheticians as per the bureau of labor statistics. Aesthetic medicine demand will only continue to increase with increasing awareness about these treatment options available, which can help people look and feel good about themselves!

• Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure, one of the most in-demand aesthetic procedures among men. Hair is most loved as we all know how much it adds to our look and increases self-confidence and personality. It is an invasive procedure and performed by both Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons. We have been performing cosmetic surgery procedures on clients from all parts of the world in South Africa, the UK, the USA, Europe.

Dr.Sandeep Kumar MBBS, DCD (UK), senior consultant and cosmetic dermatologist, is a postgraduate diploma in the field of aesthetic medicine and is among the top cosmetologist in Delhi. His passion for aesthetics and giving people their best look is something for people to experience.

Cosmetic dermatology is a branch of medicine that a skin specialist in Delhi undergoes to pursue MBBS. After post-graduation in dermatology from medical college earns the license to practice cosmetology. One can consult a dermatologist doctor for all their skin problems.

Dermatologists in Delhi at their dermatology clinic also treat medical conditions related to skin, hair, and nails and diagnose skin cancers. Skinos is the best skin clinic and has over ten years of experience delivering services to our beloved clients.

Skinos is the most trusted skin care clinic and is highly recommended by our thousands of clients coming from East, West, North, Central, and South Delhi who are happy with the results of their facial aesthetics treatment.

To Schedule your consultation with our cosmetologist, please call us at 8010 888 111. Our executives will help you with scheduling the talk and also resolve all your queries to give you every information you need.

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