Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet-rich plasma is a concentrated source of autologous platelets that contains large amount of growth factors, especially epidermal growth factor, platelet-derived growth factor, transforming growth factor beta and vascular endothelial growth factor. These growth factors result in accelerated tissue and wound healing by stimulating stem cells and help regenerate new tissue.

PRP has been used in many other areas of medicine, including the acceleration of healing of tendon injuries, the treatment of osteoarthritis, in some dental procedures, and in cardiovascular medicine. Its role in aesthetic medicine has been studied over the last few years with impressive results in skin rejuvenation, hair loss and scarring.

PRP is now a credible effective treatment, delivering excellent results to treat hair loss in men and women. The growth factors in the PRP, when released promote tissue repair, angiogenesis (capillary formation), collagen production, and encourages normalization of the hair follicular unit. Most importantly, evidence suggests PRP can reverse the miniaturization process of hair follicles and “wake up” dormant follicular stem cells when injected into the balding areas of the scalp.

Extremely promising long term results are being seen in the treatment of acne scars as well. PRP injections are best used with micro needling to treat acne scars. Face and neck revitalization with PRP is a promising easy-to-perform technique in face and neck rejuvenation and scar attenuation.

Platelet rich plasma is safe as it is a by-product of patient’s own blood; hence, disease transmission is not an issue. It is simple, efficient, cost effective and minimally invasive method of obtaining a natural concentration of autologous GFs. It is also convenient as the amount of blood needed is small and can be collected during a routine outpatient procedure.

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