Double chin correction

A double Chin is the result of a subcutaneous fat around the neck area. When this layer starts to sag it gives the impression of a Double Chin. The subcutaneous layer in this case tends to retain water and store fat in this area. The main reason for fat storage here is, the body has saturated or exhausted fat deposition in regular areas like Tummy, Sides etc. These people are often uniformly rounded due to Obesity.

Other reasons leading up to fat storage under and around your face and chin are Age and Genetics. Studies show that people who have a short chin structure often develop a second chin. Generally it is observed that obesity and double chin go hand in hand.

The treatment for double chin involves injecting a lipolytic solution directly into the fat layers and connective tissue. The injection is relatively painless though some patients prefer the use of a numbing cream. The medication produces a chemical reaction in conjunction with the body's physiology to harden the fat cell wall and begin a breakdown of localized areas of fat. The fat cells are transformed into tiny little fat particles of nano-size (one millionth of a millimeter). The final process occurs in the liver where the fat is completely broken down into carbon dioxide and water.

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