Derma Roller

Derma roller combines the ancient Chinese acupuncture techniques with the contemporary mesotherapy practice. It involves the use of hand held rolling instrument with tiny needles which create multiple microinjuries in the skin, breakdown old collagen strands and induce new collagen synthesis. The principle behind derma roller is that it creates multiple superficial puncture wounds in the skin. The tiny microinjuries in the upper dermis trigger the wound healing cascade including numerous growth factor, platelet derived growth factor and transforming growth factor alpha and beta. Next the fibroblasts accumulate in the dermis forming dermal collagen and elastin. Tissue remodelling continues for months after injury.

Derma roller is used for treating acne scars (box and rolling scars), linear atrophic scars, traumatic or surgical scars, striae and reduction of fine lines and open pores. It is helpful for skin rejuvenation of face, neck, arms, legs, abdomen and buttocks. Derma roller is also used as a tool for introduction of various drugs like hyaluronic acid, growth factors, vitamin C, tranexaemic acid and minoxidil into the dermis (Mesotherapy).

Derma roller is a simple office procedure performed under topical anaesthesia. It increases the epidermal thickness and improves texture of skin. It has a short healing phase. It is less expensive than laser resurfacing and causes less photosensitivity.

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